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If you think Prosper is great, you should also check out Zopa ( too. It's a much safer platform for lenders as Zopa does diligence on borrowers so lenders are NOT exposed to the risks of losing capital like Prosper borrowers are. Zopa was the first to enter the market with a p2p financial services business model, and they took the approach of providing more of a mutual fund (risk diversification) platform for investors. The company (backed by Benchmark as well) launched in the UK in March 2005. They'll be coming to the US shortly!! They have NO DEFAULT!! Can you believe it!

Anshu Sharma

Great post.I am personally very impressed by the intersection of Web 2.0 ideas and a true innovation in solving a real-world business problem. (I have a detailed commentary on my blog, click on my name above.)

And yes you are right that even though the idea is simple it is hard to execute except for someone with a rich network of people with experience in banking/lending industry. The team seems to have that and they will prosper!!


A new innovative group on called "Two Millionaires cover High Risk Loans, Restore Credit" is helping ordinary people prosper by providing a way for them to get a series of small loans at interest rates below 30% to move their credit grades from HR high risk to B or better.

In less than a month this unique group attracted 200 members, placed 10 loans, and had 50 active listings.

Two Millionaires is helping high risk borrowers who can't attract lenders even in the socially exciting people to people market. The goal of the Two Millionaires founders is to help sincere high risk members get to the point where they qualify as lenders and group leaders themselves.

Two Millionaires attracts lenders by offering a large selection of quality listings at high interest rates, and an opportunity to help others.

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